Tyrone Clay

Hometown – New Orleans, LA
Undergrad – Swarthmore College, BA, Economics and Political Science
Current – Software Engineer L4, Snap Inc.

New Orleans native Tyrone Clay is a humble scholar with a passion for the bettering others and himself. Tyrone’s mother raised him alone, and thus pasted onto him valuable lessons in persistence. It is mainly because of these lessons that he was able to work from special educational classes in elementary school into the top 10th percentile of his high school graduating class.

Noticing a lack of leadership within his environment, Tyrone has dedicated himself to his community. For two years, he has volunteered at the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), where he socialized animals and helped at sponsored events. In two class projects he has led two companies. On the issue of juvenile justice, he led a group of consultants, Ultra Consultants, who worked with the LCCR (Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights) to improve communication between young defendants and their attorneys. Consequently, they were recognized in a local newspaper. In addition to his consultant work, he was the CEO of a company that served as a support network for low-income, first-generation students at local universities and will lead a presentation to LSU during his senior summer. In school, he extended his commitment to this issue by becoming a College Captain who attempts to improve graduation and retention rates amongst his graduating class. In addition, he founded a tutoring club in which he became a personal mentor for a three students.

Tyrone is also a well-rounded scholar. He has played the baritone, trombone, snare and bass drum throughout his life. He has also played on his school’s football and track teams and has been an active member of the boxing club. For enjoyment, he writes in his journal, cooks for his family and makes others happy.

Tyrone’s philosophy is that he is simply the embodiment of the brilliance of his supporters. It is the effort, love and support so generously given that has put Tyrone in the position to leverage change and improvement in his community. He believes that it is his obligation to serve his community and plans to do so while pursuing an undergraduate degree in Political Science and English.