Tyrone Davis III

Hometown – Bronx, NY
Undergrad – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Major/Academic Interest – Saba Capital, Investment Analyst; Co-Founder, Board Member, The Gift of Chess

Tyrone Davis III was born and raised in Bronx, NY. He is a chess master, reader, disrupter, and dreamer. From early on, his mother made sure he knew the value of education, by emphasizing the connection between education and the finer things in life. It was through her teachings and guidance that he, not only developed, but appreciated the value of work ethic and focus. Although school was Tyrone’s first priority, it was not his only outlet. The first dream that tested his work ethic outside the classroom was his journey to chess master. Accidentally discovering chess in the parks of New York City, Tyrone immediately fell in love with the game. Without formal instruction, he took to YouTube’s seemingly endless supply of videos and just couldn’t stop watching. It was through chess that he discovered the exhilarating feeling of losing himself in a book. But most importantly, chess was a distraction from the unfortunate aspects of his life. Tyrone comes from a family that has struggled with incarceration. But his family’s struggle has always been his motivation. In retrospect, this was the source of his drive to excel in chess and his academics—and to use everything he learned to enhance not only his life, but also the lives of others. Tyrone is currently a sophomore at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) studying computer science. He has interned at hedge funds HBK Capital Management and Saba Capital Management. Tyrone is an aspiring entrepreneur and investor. With the support of his newfound family of Ron Brown Scholars, Tyrone is convinced he will inspire future generations yet to come.