William Humphrey

Hometown – Marion, SC
Undergrad – Brown University, BA, Health and Human Biology
Current – Social Media Influencer/Content Creator

William Humphrey graduated from Brown University in 2016 with a B.A. in Health and Human Biology with a focus on social contexts of disease and health. While immediately jumping into the field of medicine was the goal, Humphrey found a number of unexpected passions come graduation that changed the course of his post-grad life.

One passion came via a furniture refinishing business Humphrey started his junior year, where he upcycled and resold tossed out furniture. Another arose through weekends spent in his dorm bathroom therapeutically washing, deep conditioning and styling his hair. Thus, Entrepreneurship and hair care as self care took the reins and led to his social media enterprise teaching people the fun in intentional natural hair care.

Since then, Humphrey has worked with companies like Shea Moisture, Head & Shoulders, The Mane Choice, and Blue Magic to bring his mission to life. These projects have granted Humphrey the ability to produce and curate weekly educational content for a following of over 400,000 across his Youtube and Instagram channels.

In addition to this, Humphrey is currently raising funds to bring hair care initiatives to foster youth across America!