Zachary T. Hall

Hometown – Worcester, MA
Undergrad – United States Military Academy
Current – Finance Director, Merav Ben-David for US Senate

Zachary Hall is an optimist. That is one of the most defining features about him because he tirelessly tries to find that beauty which surrounds him, not that which could be better. Whether or not there is rhyme or reason to the universe, every person brought one’s way brings boundless opportunity—opportunity to learn and opportunity to experience. Zach approaches every situation with such an attitude, trying to derive as much meaning from every moment as possible. As one of his favorite authors, G.K. Chesterton, wrote, “An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.” Zach never runs into inconveniences, only unexpected adventures.

While he is a leader; while he is a student; while he is an athlete, Zach is first and foremost a member of his community. He has been organizing and actively participating in community service since he entered the 5th grade. In his high-school career alone, Zach has completed over 250 hours of community service, all while maintaining his GPA and rank as third in his class.

Having served as his school’s varsity cross-country team captain for two years, as class president for four years, as the president and vice president of two different state organizations, and as a vice president of a national organization, he has used such positions to promote community service programs and robust participation from his peers. Besides implementing a service program for use by over 45,000 students nationwide, he has authored an eleven-page document on how to effectively promote service activities within schools. From his leadership experiences, he also has developed invaluable leadership skills and learned an array of life lessons, including the following:

“We are not to be blamed for the circumstances of our birth.
But we are to be held accountable for the progression of our lives.”

Many people see Zachary on an application—an African-American male born to a prison inmate and single mother—and expect another statistic. Does this ever discourage him from applying himself? Does this ever handicap him? Not in the least. Although they may try to create definitions, Zach doesn’t allow anyone to define him but himself. He leads his life just as he has the ultimate authority of its direction. He revels in breaking stereotypes and accomplishing what others say he never could do. Zach expects to live a full life. Not because it will be handed to him, but because he demands it of himself.

But celebrating one victory, he is already eyeballing and planning his next. Zach’s mentality does not stop here in the present; he looks to the future. He intends to double major in economics and political science and eventually attend graduate school. He would like to serve as an officer in the United States Army before moving on to his ultimate career goal, to be the executive of an international corporation. Although these plans may change over time, Zach knows with certainty that there is only one thing he wants to accomplish in his life: to create indelible change.